The Troll Hunter Movie (2010) - Is it Real or Fake?

I had recently watched the movie 'Troll Hunter' wherein I was bothered from the introductory part claiming that the video has never been tampered or had any edits that has been done. Watching the movie for the first-time will surely draw your curiosity if trolls really does exists. To answer the question if the movie is real or not, I'm glad to say that its fake.

Troll Hunter is a movie that belongs under the Horror-film category. As for me, it wasn't that quite too scary to watch but the thrill comes from the curiosity if the trolls really does exist. However, it doesn't mean that when the movie is fake the trolls are also not real. We do not really know if trolls exist wherein they are categorized as mysterious creatures just like the 'Big Foot', 'Lochness Monster', 'Aliens' and etc...

The last part of the movie even left more curiosity to the viewers to think that the film was real. The film ended where all the crew members of the film-makers went missing and never yet to be found.

Watching this movie reminds me of similarity to "Paranormal Activity". Everything has been captured manually by a hand-held camera which makes it like realistic. This movie was also a popular horror film which I recommend you to watch if you enjoyed Troll Hunter and of course when you still haven't watched it yet.