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Palm Grove Hot Spring Resort Asin Review

On January 2, 2014, me and my family with our relatives (Balay-as family) went for a swimming vacation at the "Palm Grove Hot Spring Resort". The complete address is Asin, Nangalisan, Tuba Benguet.

In the first place, we were planning to go at the River View but our driver claimed that it was surely full of people. Thus, he was the one who took us at this Palm Grove Hot Spring Resort swimming pool.

When we arrived, we were welcomed by the their security guard where we asked if they do have hot spring swimming pool. He answered right away that they do, so without any hesitation we paid our entrance fee which was worth Php 100 per head.

Positive Review

When we entered the resort, you can actually view the mountains around. But if you are from Baguio or from any of the Cordillera regions, you won't appreciate the view because you probably already got used to it.

Another good positive review that I can tell about Palm Grove Resort is that, they have three swimming pools. One is dedicated to the small children, second is for the middle-aged then third is for the adults.

There is actually a fourth pool but it is only for the professional swimmers who can performed lap-swimming.

Negative Review

They claim that their pool is "hot spring" but it is "not". Take note of this, "their pool is not hot spring". I know this because I had already been to Itogon that serve real hot spring pool the reason why I can tell the difference.

The only hot pool is the children's pool. But, I highly doubt if it's really a hot spring because it can actually be a "heater".

The adult pool is very cold that you do not want to submerge yourself underwater. It is actually hotter out of the surface. So who wants to swim on a cold pool?

When I attempted to swim, I only lasted around 5 minutes into the pool before I started shivering really quite bad. Anyway, if you know how to concentrate, the "mind over matter" thing, then you will probably last a longer period of time.

While I was walking around the pool, I noticed a group of family arguing to the male employee (I think a life-guard), those guys wearing dark blue shirts with some of them holding a stick with a net at the end (used for cleaning the pool). With my curiosity, I came close to them to hear something about their arguments. I then found out that the family was complaining about the pool which wasn't really hot. The bad thing about that male employee of Palm Grove resort was that, he was answering back to their clients pretty badly (in other words, it's very disrespectful).

Where did the customer rights go? Isn't it that "Customer is always right"?

Overall, Palm Grove Hot Spring Resort isn't a hot spring resort at all. But if you prefer swimming on a cold pool, then this place will be just fine for you. Just don't mess with the employee where you have to follow their orders or rules. If they say that you can't swim with your attire then sorry, unless you have other swimming attires in your bag pack.

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