Are House Centipedes Dangerous to Humans?

There are several and different species of Centipedes wherein some are quite dangerous but some are harmless to us humans. Those kinds that are dangerous are those that live in the forest or grassy areas. They do posses an orange or dark red color and most likely, they come in bigger sizes.

For those who haven’t encountered any Centipedes yet in their entire life, they are insects consisting of segmented bodies with several pairs of legs. Scientists consider them as millipedes which belong to the category of Arthropods. Special species which are commonly the dangerous types can grow up to 24 to 30 inches. With such size, they can easily swallow smaller pray such as a fully grown rat.

Now to answer the question, ‘Are house centipedes dangerous to humans?

The answer is ‘No’. Common Centipedes that can be found around your house are the harmless type of species. Their bodies do not contain any poison so if you have accidentally made contact with them, rest assured that you are completely safe. However, you may find them to be quite aggressive.

Are there any benefits of having these creepy crawlers inside the house or are they just another pest like Bed Bugs?

The only benefit of having Centipedes around your house is that they feed on other smaller insects such as Ants, Termites, Bugs and etc… Anyway, they can still be annoying to see a lot of them running around your house. For some reason, they are present around your house due to the food that they can hunt such as the Ants. These Ants are also present inside your house due to an unsealed source of food that attracts them. For termites, they love the taste of your house that has been made out of wood. Other insects are attracted through holes and cracks which is perfect for concealing themselves as their perfect habitat.

Therefore, if you want to get rid of the Centipedes then you have to clean your house to get rid of the other insects. Fix those holes and seal your food-source properly and it is for sure that they will leave your house on their own. Please don’t kill them as they meant no harm in trying to invade your house. They just want to survive and it’s just a coincidence that they found their food inside your home.

Cats Vs Centipedes

Are house Centipedes Dangerous to Cats?

If you have a pet that often stays inside your home then it is mostly likely that they will encounter Centipedes crawling around the corners. Cats do have the tendency to attack the crawling creature and ends up as the victor of the battle. As already mentioned above, Centipedes that can be found inside the house aren’t dangerous since they do not have any poisons contained inside their bodies. Your Cat will only be put on danger when it encountered the special type of species while playing outside on a grassy field.